About our candles

All our candles are poured by hand in our small manufactory.

For all our candles, we use rapeseed wax made in Germany, which is obtained from the domestically renewable rapeseed plant.

Please note the warnings provided when burning your candle.

 About our vases

The vases are made using the additive manufacturing process (also known as 3D printing). This manufacturing method allows a unique surface texture to be achieved that cannot be achieved with any other manufacturing process.

The vases are also very stable and can easily withstand falls from a great height.

The plastic used for the vases is recycled (e.g. from old food packaging).

The vases are suitable for both fresh and dry flowers.

About our stationery

All of our paper goods are designed and printed in Bavaria. They are made from 100% recycled paper.

We try to create modern, minimalist and playful motifs and constantly expand our range.